Será Tudo



Fiction Short Film

HD / 13min / 16:9 / color, B&W / Independent Production, Portugal 2017 | With Jorge Justo, Helena Rodrigues Produced, Directed, Edited and Sound Mix by Luís Barros Director of Photography Miguel Ribeiro and Kia Salgado


A man wakes up in an unknown room, in an empty house, there is a certain familiarity in the space around him, yet, he doesn’t know why. He begins to explore the house and room by room he gets closer to every men’s final destiny. Through the window he escapes. The pictures take him to the life he has recently lived. The bird calls him. The candle lights him. At the end, the only thing he seeks is the eternity.

Festivals and Exhibitions

22nd Avanca International Film Festival – Official Selection

Frames from the film



Published by luisbarrosrodrigues

Born in Viseu, Portugal in 1996. Luís started his journy in the art world in Porto, where he studied a Bachelor of Arts in Cinema, from 2014 to 2017. In 2016 he studied at the Bulgarian National Academy for Theater and Film Arts as an exchange student. Currently lives in Spain, where he studies a master in Executive Production. He's a Filmmaker and Artist.