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Documentary Short Film

HD / 25min / 16:9 / Independent Production, Portugal 2017 | Produced, Directed and Staged by Leonor Guise Carvalho Interpretation Sara Lobo Rocha Interpretation, Music Luís Pimenta Photography Luís Barros, Kia Salgado Edited by Luís Barros


In this piece that is based on a collection of texts by Beckett we have become spectators of our own lives, as if the senses were clear and the sensations were just that: mere reflections of the world in us. As if the silence was destroyed within a mind full of questions, as if we were falling on every mountain we climbed, as if we were allowed to float on a dead sea, as if our body became rough when we lay in the sand.
In the background, the play is about the life of a person who becomes nothing. Of a person who does not want a character, who does not need a story but only that: a life in which she sees the time passing, the words to die, the coming winter as punishment, the night to fall as a moment of truth to oneself. In the beginning of life, the heart is open, hands and head also, everything is closing later, condensing, emptying … We hear a silence not of the characters, but of a person who carries within herself the ideas of solitude, inertia, of death that is not present is recurrent, mainly as the maximum expression of life. We see a human being as basic as he can be … human.

Director’s Biography

Leonor Guise Carvalho was born on October 17, 1996, in the city of Porto, Portugal. It was there that she began at an early age to develop her interests for the arts, much influenced by her parents, who showed her this world through extracurricular courses. Although she had previously thought of directing her career in the theater, she only “plunged his head” into the world when she began her degree in Theater, at the Escola Superior Artística do Porto. It was there that beyond the interpretation, it opened its appetite for the staging. she saw in this area a great capacity for expression, for her ability to work hard, to lead causes and to think otherwise of some artistic projects.
The artist is currently taking a master’s degree in Performing Arts – Interpretation and Artistic Direction.
She has been following closely some theatrical pieces, so that later, through experience, she has all the tools to work on her own creations.

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Born in Viseu, Portugal in 1996. Luís started his journy in the art world in Porto, where he studied a Bachelor of Arts in Cinema, from 2014 to 2017. In 2016 he studied at the Bulgarian National Academy for Theater and Film Arts as an exchange student. Currently lives in Spain, where he studies a master in Executive Production. He's a Filmmaker and Artist.